Government Shutdown Social Media Reaction

3 Ways Social Media has Affected the Government Shutdown and How Your Business Can Leverage these Tactics

On September 30th, a full month before Halloween, something spooky happened: the government shut down. The government has shut down before, but almost a decade has passed since the last halt. However, during this span of time, something remarkable was created: social media.

Social Media has done something that professors and newscasters have been trying to do for years: make it cool, and even necessary to know and care about current events.

What does the social media coverage of the Shutdown have to do with your brand? Take a closer look, and perhaps you can see how these social media tactics can also be utilized by brands and businesses.


News outlets like CBS used Facebook as a way to spread the news of an impending government shutdown as early as September 25. By staying on top of current events and involving the general public by allowing them to share their thoughts about the shutdown, they drove engagement.

Brand Implementation: Now that Social Media has made being informed a trend, you can leverage it to start a conversation with your fans. You can post timely articles or movements on Facebook, and ask for opinions or interaction to drive engagement. Keep the information relevant to your business by posting about current events at the company, such as new hires or business outings, and encourage fans to interact.


The government shutdown, or a related topic, has been trending on Twitter since September 30. Almost everyone who has been affected by the shutdown has been spewing tweets left and right, and encouraging all to join along. This exposure is beneficial for several reasons. First, it allows for up-to-the-minute updates about what is happening. Second, it allows users to hashtag their conversations, allowing for easily searchable topics such as #GovShutdown. Finally, users can directly connect with the influential people who are making moves in D.C.

Brand Implementation: If your business is hosting an event or sale, tweet updates live from the event. This will keep users engaged and allow them to join in the conversation. You can also encourage the use of hashtags and encourage employees or brand representatives to interact and engage with customers on this social network. This can easily get buzz going and encourage people to check out what is happening with your business.


Videos of Congress interactions, protesters and people pleading with their state representatives were uploaded constantly during the shutdown. The videos made it clear what was happening in D.C., and what people wanted from their representatives. YouTube is one of the best platforms to use if you are looking to start a movement, showcase a cause, or highlight an event. The Shutdown shows what a useful platform YouTube can be for these types of movements.

Brand Implementation: Upload videos from big events or video testimonials so your clients can see why they should care about your brand. This also allows them to feel like they are a part of a movement, which you can control for your brand by utilizing this platform.

The government couldn’t hide from this shutdown, and social networks made sure nobody else could either. If you want to make sure that your brand is implementing these tactics the right way, GrowthWeaver is here to help!