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Your Brand Doesn’t Need Everything on the Menu

I was out at a local Denver watering hole when the servers started talking about the internal policy at another restaurant. They were laughing at it and talking about how much they’d loathe it if they worked there, and it got me thinking about the way business owners and sales people seem to approach social media and digital marketing in 2016.

The internal policy they were talking about is to never say “no” to a customer. On the surface, that might seem like a step down the right path, but when you consider that it’s a premiere seafood restaurant you can start to see why staff members wouldn’t be crazy about it. Not because they want to deny things to customers, but think about ordering off the menu. Now imagine you not only don’t have the item being requested on the menu, but you don’t even have what you need to make it.

So you send someone scouring around town looking for what they need to make that meal happen. You could put in a lot of time before eventually recognizing you can’t make it happen at all or if you do maybe it wasn’t up to par and the customer winds up unhappy anyway AND you burned your staff out because they couldn’t just be honest and tell the customer they couldn’t make that happen.

Applying that to digital marketing, your brand or business doesn’t need to offer everything on and off the social media menu. You can say “no” when it comes to the platforms your company is active on. Social media is a tricky, nuanced environment. There is a world of difference between doing it versus doing it well.

In my opinion seemingly every business should at least have a Facebook page, because that’s the most likely network your customers will actively search for you on. When it comes to more niche platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Vine and even Twitter, they don’t necessarily need to be a part of your mix if you don’t have the time to commit to building them right or if you simply don’t have the content to make them viable. Creating a branded YouTube channel and then uploading your one and only company video is a waste of your time and that of your your followers.

Don’t get caught up keeping up with the Joneses when it comes to social media for your business. Creating a profile and letting it become a ghost town is just not a smart idea. It makes your brand look worse than the absence of a page on a certain network.

Just because your competitor is tweeting doesn’t mean they’re doing it well. And even if their tweets are good, it doesn’t mean they’re driving tangible results. Just because something is shiny and new doesn’t make it a fit for your digital marketing mix. Professionals like us have years of experience in the industry determining the best fit for brands in a multitude of industries.

If you want to learn more about which social media platforms and digital tools would be smart for your marketing mix, talk to one of the experts at GrowthWeaver. We can help you figure out when it’s wise to say “no” or not.