Cookie Cutter Brands

Break Out Of Your Cookie-Cutter Frame!

Whether you own a small business, are an individual looking to start a business or one of the larger players in your industry, all brands have to deal with an over-saturated market. On average we see between 250-3,000 advertisements a day. So, how do you sell your product? Or better yet, how do you sell yourself (or your brand)?

Well, you need to let yourself shine! Here’s how:

1. Be Original

It’s ok to like someone else’s idea or to see how you can use that in your brand strategy, but you need to stand out. This is where you can really break free from that “cookie-cutter” mold. It’s important to build your brand identity through images, a personalized voice and tone. Making those things happen is a lot harder than it sounds, but your audience will notice.

2. Content Isn’t Always King

The age old saying, “content is king,” is true.  But context is just as important, if not more so these days. Curating a great blog or post for any of the social media platforms is essential, but understanding the context of where, when and how that content will be consumed is what develops interaction.

3. Bet On Yourself

Taking risks can be scary, but how will you be able to progress or learn from your mistakes if you don’t? If you’ve done things a certain way since your business began, it can be hard to break that mold. Where do you even begin? Look at huge brands like Nike and Coca-Cola.  They’ve continued to reinvent themselves throughout the years, while still maintaining the integrity of their brand. They may have had a few haters along the way, but to this day these brands are still relevant and thriving. They know what resonates with their audience and they didn’t rebrand entirely.  They morphed and continued to update their brand to stay current.

4. Know Your Brand Is Stronger Than Your Product

When you look back at some of your favorite products, is it the product themselves that hooked you, or the brand? Being original and taking into account the outlined bullets (above, 1-3), can really help define your brand’s identity. It may not come overnight, but creating that unique persona allows you to be relatable, which is what consumers gravitate to. Just think, every time Apple releases a new phone, there are millions in line — is it because it’s an iPhone or because it’s Apple?

These views or keys to success aren’t new, and at times are opposed. What you need to remember is there is no direct formula for success. It’s about creating opportunity and letting your brand shine.

Do you want to break out of your cookie-cutter frame? Let’s talk about how GrowthWeaver can help!