Creative Email Marketing

Creating Captivating Email Campaigns

If you’re a loyal follower of the GrowthWeaver blog then you’ve learned, “How to increase your email open rate and not get dumped.” So, it’s about time we had a chat about other aspects of captivating your audience through your email marketing efforts.

Understanding your audience

Before you, the marketer, can even dream of beefing up your email database, take a step back and truly get to know and understand your consumers and target demographic. Do your research. Do you know what speaks to your fans and brand advocates? What do they actually care about? THAT is what you should be sharing with them in initial messaging. Be genuine by offering helpful, useful information to your audience and ease into the offering messages. Bombarding subscribers with sales pitches will only lead to a mass unsubscribing.

Get to the point

Along with providing helpful information to your audience, make sure that your email has a clear objective. What is the purpose of your email? Are you sending an email just to keep up with your editorial calendar, or are you attempting to jam-pack multiple messages and instructions into one email? “No thanks. Where is the unsubscribe link?” is what your audience will be thinking. So, what is the main point of your message? Don’t overwhelm fans by offering multiple choices and asking them to take multiple actions. Nobody has time for that mess and confusion. Instead, keep your main goal or call to action front and center at all times.

Analyze and adjust

Analyzing and adjusting your marketing efforts is an essential step in any integrated strategy. What’s working? What’s failing? How do you know what direction to take your marketing efforts if you haven’t been tracking your efforts? Try segmenting your emails and “split testing” your messages until you find a strategy that sticks. This is where your listening skills come in handy, too. What are people saying about your brand? What do your brand advocates love and hate? Measuring your campaigns and forecasting consumer trends are key in building meaningful relationships through email marketing.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, need expert advice or help executing a successful email marketing campaign, contact the professionals at Growthweaver. We’ll be happy to take your marketing efforts to the next level.