Creative Marketing, Finding Inspiration

Creative Marketing: How to Find Inspiration

If you’re a marketer, a business owner, blogger or social media content guru, you probably get stuck in a creative rut from time to time. For those who have been working closely with a brand for a long period of time, it can be especially hard to avoid a “been there, done that” attitude. So, rather than getting frustrated, beating yourself up about it or questioning your own capabilities and talents, shake it off! There are lots of ways to clear those cobwebs from your head and stretch your creative muscles. So, where do you start the ideation process to get to that “aha” moment? Here are a few ideas I gathered from around our office.

Get Inspired.

The first step in creating any fan-worthy content or effective marketing idea is to become inspired. You have to find that creative spark-and it can come from anywhere. In order to gather your thoughts you need to first let your mind wander. It sounds funny, but a wandering, daydreaming mind can actually be a good thing and not the mark of a slacker. Don’t believe me? Read me. GrowthWeavers like to take a stroll in the great outdoors (easy to do since we live in beautiful Colorado), listen to favorite music (Beyoncé, The Pixies), sit in silence, play with kitties, head out to a concert or artistic event, go to a game, and read industry articles (Ted Talks, Social Media Examiner). Analyzing advertising campaigns can provide inspiration, too-even the “bad” ones. Guerilla advertising is a great source, because it features ad campaigns executed with out-of-the box creativity. Basically, anything and everything can be a source of inspiration. It’s just a matter of finding what speaks to you-and ultimately, to your brand. Just remember, sometimes there’s an “incubation” period after you’ve done some creative researching. I find that some of my best ideas occur just as my head hits the pillow.

Be Curious.

Another source of inspiration can be your own internal insights about the account, product or brand itself. How does the product affect you? The people you know? What inspires your audience, and how does your product or brand fit in? Explore these insights and let them lead you down the rabbit hole of creativity. If you’re starting from scratch on a brand new account, don’t forget the quick SWOT analysis (Strength. Weakness. Opportunity. Threat.). It’s a great way to jump-start ingenuity.

Spread the Love.

One of the perks of working at GrowthWeaver is having access to a creative think-tank, aka my brilliant coworkers. Sometimes, when you’re stuck in a creative rut the first thing you can do is ask for help. Having an outsider’s perspective can be the breath of fresh air you and your account need. The key to getting the most bang for your buck in this scenario is keeping an open mind! Even if what they’re saying isn’t the best fit for your particular account, it can trigger an idea that is! In general, it’s best to behave in a way that brings people together. The ideation process is no different. The victory is that much sweeter when everyone can share in the joys and success of your creative process. Spreading the love will only motivate others and further perpetuate and inspire others in their own creative process.

Could your brand use a breath of fresh air? Do you need help creating a winning marketing strategy? We’re happy to help you and put that pep in your brand’s step.