Word Vomit for your Brand

Don’t Choke: Avoiding Digital Word Vomit for your Brand

I recently went to a very awkward bridal shower where in an effort to make up for the fact that I didn’t know anyone but the bride-to-be, I engaged in something that can only be referred to as “aggressive and uncontrollable word vomit”.

Word vomit can occur in several different ways.

Sometimes, it comes out in the form of a seemingly confident monologue. Maybe, for instance, about a topic on which you have absolutely no knowledge.

Other times, it’s material you know a lot about but the medium is wrong, and the audience is wrong and everything is wrong and you can’t stop and… well, you get the picture.

We’ve all been in situations where whether because of the uncomfortable or unnatural nature of a conversation, we either find ourselves saying something off-color/ inappropriate or repeating what we’ve already said in monotonous unnecessary continuum. For a person, word vomit can be embarrassing and often leads to copious stress eating of the nearest nut bowl or impulsive wine chugging. As a brand, word vomiting online can lead to losing future customers and alienating the ones you already have.

Treat your social platform as a conversation- make sure you’re saying the right things at the right times to the right people. You don’t want to drive a wedge between by telling them what they already know over and over.

Share relevant, useful information about your industry. For instance, if you own a gym, encourage fans to tag their friends in inspirational quotes and mantras. Share healthy recipes and new workouts. Post the latest and greatest in health information. Your customers know you’re a gym, they know you want more members – they know you’re a business that needs to make sales to survive. Make sure you’re adding value on your social networks – throwing update after update at them about what they already know will have the opposite effect as your desired goal.

Be mindful of your choice of words, audience and timing on your brand’s social platform. Like any good conversation, if you say the right things, people will continue coming back for more. And next time, they’ll bring their friends.