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Facebook Unfriends Company Pages

Just before the 4th of July holiday, Facebook publicly announced that they’d once again made tweaks to their infamous algorithm and that again, the largest victims would be brands who utilize a Business Page on the network.

This news isn’t exactly endearing for the companies who for years have continued to adapt to the network’s ever-changing policies and for their efforts have seen organic reach plummet month after month—for some pages as low as into the single digits. Can you imagine having 1,000 Likes but your newest post is being seen by less than 10 people?

But Facebook states this move is to benefit their users by featuring more friends and family-generated content as opposed to brand messages. Which does make sense, in theory. However in continuing to reduce organic reach of posts created by the companies who are paying to keep Facebook very profitable, in favor of users who pay the platform nothing, is Facebook finally biting the hand that feeds?

For years as the network has grown, brands have had to start investing serious ad dollars to their Facebook presence just simply to get their messages in front of their target audiences. It’s no secret that these social networks want to make money and you can’t fault them for that goal. But for many small and medium-sized businesses—many family owned and operated—there simply isn’t enough money in the ad budget to keep sinking more and more money into social advertising to reach a fraction of the audience.

What if companies en masse decided to explore other social networks more seriously in response to these potentially harmful changes? At some point, you can be sure these brands will explore other networks or possibly revert back to older habits by looking at print and radio advertising.

Is Facebook prepared for such a mass exodus? For years it has been positioned as the most prominent social network for brands to be active on. A lot of companies have likely sunk thousands of dollars into building their “Likes” and boosting posts to a wider audience. But at some point, the other shoe drops and these brands will pursue other networks that don’t limit content distribution but instead base it on chronology or other parameters.

There are still ways to maximize your monthly advertising budget on Facebook, and professionals like the team at GrowthWeaver know exactly how to get your content in front of the right audiences. If you’re looking to combat these most recent changes on Facebook, contact us for a digital marketing analysis today!