Five Successful Periscope Campaigns to Watch and Learn From

Periscope may be the newest social media kid on the block, but it definitely showed up to party. The live streaming video app launched by Twitter last March reported to have more than 10 million users who watch 21 million minutes a day within its first five months. And with such a popular app making it’s way into the phones and fingers of new followers, brands are following suit with social campaigns to keep them top of mind as Periscope continues to grow.

Like that of Snapchat, a major feature of Periscope is giving brands the ability “to forge a more personal relationship with consumers,” but Periscope takes it one step further, allowing consumers to interact in chats and “hearting” the videos they are watching live. This has allowed companies to find innovate and creative ways to increase branding. From exclusive events, to behind-the-scenes footage, Periscope is the social platform to watch in 2016. Here are five of our favorite campaigns so far to inspire your own Periscope branding:

  1. Red Bull was one of the first brands to tackle a Periscope campaign with a live stream of their Red Bull Guest House event. Focusing on their brand image instead of specifically promoting their product, they live-shot the weekend-long party straight from Miami Beach. Talk about giving FOMO wings!
  2. Auto brands like Lincoln have chosen to use Periscope to expose their brand to younger audiences and also to showcase new auto designs. Combining their vintage design and modern technology, Lincoln’s live streams are like a limited edition art show, which is also some pretty smart marketing.
  3. For 24 hours, Adobe Photoshop used Periscope to discuss their new product, Creative Cloud. Users were able to talk with 24 different members of the Adobe team about “new features, explain the mobile-to-desktop workflow and CreativeSync technology.” Adobe then gave the viewer the opportunity to meet and engage with the teams behind their applications and services. They also generated even more traffic to the Periscope event with hashtag #CreativeCloud.
  4. Benefit Cosmetics have an ongoing Periscope feed building brand equity with live streaming demos and tutorials on using their makeup products as well as other cosmetic topics. The feed reaches more than 2,000 viewers every time they stream.
  5. Cleverly-executed, Doritos was the first brand to cross-utilize several platforms (Periscope, Vine and Twitter) to run the first branded contest on Periscope. The contest’s (#DoritosRoulette) purpose was to promote it’s new chip product “Roulette” through a series of online games of chance, live giveaways and other fun opportunities when users tagged their friends and retweeted.

As Periscope’s user base and activity continues to grow so does your brand’s chances of reaching your current customers and new followers alike. Did you find any of these campaigns inspiring?