‘Force Friday’ and the Modern Campaign

On September 4, a long-awaited campaign finally reached its official launch date as ‘Force Friday’ took over retailers nationwide to promote the midnight merchandise release for the eagerly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens film to be released later this year.

Brick and mortar retailers like Target and Toys ‘R Us, and also online juggernaut Amazon, offered special perks to those fans that braved the midnight hysteria. Many locations offered other fun Star Wars themed activities to mark the occasion.

Force Friday was the world’s first ever live global toy unboxing event, unfolding over 18 hours in 15 cities and 12 countries. The official Star Wars YouTube channel was one of the primary social features the campaign took advantage of, reaching its nearly 700 thousand subscribers with fresh, branded content to coincide with the on-the-ground events.

Of course any brand with the cache of Star Wars is going to be a big deal, and Force Friday was no exception. As a fully realized campaign, what Force Friday exemplifies is the need to extend branded campaigns beyond just a great concept and filter it through the modern lens.

The older Star Wars fans who have been with the franchise since its inception likely don’t need to be reached via social media and other digital marketing tactics. And while they may have secured all of the information about the event online, these die-hard fans were not necessarily the focal point of the YouTube outreach or hashtag campaign #ForceFriday.

But their kids sure were.

Indeed, one of the true focal points was surely on creating an event, generating buzz and getting new (young) people to adopt the Star Wars brand and to create those lifelong die-hards that will live and die with the brand for the next generation.

And the campaign didn’t have to be a Jedi Mind Trick, just a simple campaign fully integrated both on the ground and in the digital spectrum for maximum results. If you’re interested in creating a cutting edge, branded campaign online, experts like GrowthWeaver are available to polish your brand’s digital presence and modernize your campaigns to not only reach current fans and customers, but future ones as well.