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Four Content Strategy Tips to Take Your Social Media Marketing from Zero to Hero

You consider yourself a pretty social media business savvy individual. You know how to post a Facebook status, how to set up your LinkedIn Business profile and that a tweet has 140 characters. You’re not some stick in the mud who’s afraid to try new things for your business. Someone who’s afraid to go digital. You ‘get’ it, ok?

But actual application of this knowledge is the part you struggle with. How do you connect with your target market using an online setting? How can you make that conversational tone you so easily achieve when you speak to your customers face-to-face translate onto social media? And most importantly, how do you make sure you are sending your messaging out to the right people at the right time?

When you get past the basics of social media content creation, it can make even the most confident in social media feel a bit illiterate. And while you understand that content is king, it can be difficult to translate your business to a social media setting. To help, we’ve detailed four quick tips to get you thinking more strategically about the type of content you’re creating for your business.

1) Now #Trending: Reactive Marketing

If it’s trending on social media, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of organic viral reach to your company’s benefit. For example, let’s say you own a restaurant and in honor of Prince’s recent passing, you offer The Purple Rain. It’s a speciality cocktail sold at half the price of your normal cocktails to anyone who mentions your Facebook post. Reactive marketing is one of the best ways to show that your company is staying on top of what’s trending. It’s also a very clever way to engage with your audience on current issues and news.

2) Give your brand a party personality.

Social media is supposed to be SOCIAL. It’s supposed to be fun! And brands who can’t let their hair down and relax, often miss the mark when trying to get results. So ask yourself this question: if your brand is on Facebook, and Facebook is just one big party, who are you at the party? Are you awkward and shy or boisterous and loud? Do you think you are well-liked or are you waiting for someone to come up and talk to you? Who do you want to talk to at the party? When you narrow down your brand’s current party personality, think about who you want to become and then create a content voice that expresses that.

3) Variety is the spice of social media.

After you’ve figured out your brand’s social voice and who you want to be attracting, consider the types of content that your potential customers will want to see. Content doesn’t just end at a snappy status update asking people to buy your product. From clever blog posts to visually-friendly infographics and short videos, experimenting with different types of content will make your social page stronger and more attractive to your consumers. Providing a steady mix of content offers variety and, much like a magazine or newspaper, doing so will keep your audience coming back for more.

4) Be the best assistant ever.

What makes a good assistant? Knowing the answer to any question before your boss asks. From their coffee order, to how to make the fax machine works, to what time their lunch is next Wednesday, a good assistant is a living breathing Google. And speaking of Google, what questions are your customers asking in order to find you? To be a solid social media business page, one must know the questions your potential audience asks and answer them before they do so. So when your target market goes looking for that answer, your page is the one they discover.

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