Social Donations Campaigns

Giving Back Goes Digital

With the holidays swiftly approaching, we here at GrowthWeaver know that some of you are trying to figure out how your company can best “give back” during the holiday season. Although it is by no means necessary for brands to champion a cause during the holidays, being a little philanthropic this time of year can actually benefit your company.

Best of all, social media can make giving back easier than ever.

Champion a Charity:

With so many remarkable nonprofits and charities, it can be difficult to choose which cause would be a good fit with your company. While you can never go wrong with giving back, it’s important to champion a cause, and set a goal that your company will be able to follow through with.

In light of the recent disaster in the Philippines, bolstering relief efforts would be a wonderful cause to consider. With a predicted 4,000+ dead and 4 million displaced from Typhoon Haiyan, the people in the Philippines are in need of some serious aid. Using social media, your company has the opportunity to relieve some of the desolation from early in November.

Get Virtual:

The Internet has made everything faster and easier, including raising money for the cause of your choice. Many nonprofits (such as charity: water) even provide a customizable landing page which can encourage your employees, friends, clients and family to donate. These virtual campaigns make creating and promoting your cause speedier, simpler and more likely to produce results.

Get Social:

As with every campaign, the first step to creating awareness is to spread the word. Social media exists to spread word fast, so no matter what kind of fundraiser you do this season, it’s important to include social media in your strategy.

You can easily direct fans and followers to your landing page, and make it easy for them to donate funds there. If you choose to go with a more traditional fundraising effort, such as a food drive, you can use your brand’s social networks to spread the word and drive fans to a specific page.

Reap and Sow the Benefits:

Whether you choose a virtual campaign or lean towards a more traditional fundraiser this year, be sure to let fans of your brand know about your altruistic side.

Want to give back this season, but you don’t have the time to create an effective strategy? GrowthWeaver is here to help! With our team of experts, we can help your fundraising efforts succeed!