Gruden Grinder Branding

Gruden’s Grinders & The Four-Point Stance of Branding

Twenty years ago, a video game was released featuring a sport people were already familiar with. A face was added to really emphasize the brand: this wasn’t just an NFL game…this was John Madden Football!

Two decades later, another former head coach has taken something that already existed and put his own unique spin on it.

The concept behind the Grinders is this: Gruden himself believes that players of certain positions (offensive and defensive linemen, special teams players, fullbacks, etc.) are rarely given the level of public recognition usually reserved for skill players, so he launched Gruden’s Grinders in order to select one of these players for on-air recognition. This is a great example of how unique branding can position something that might seem like a rehash of something else and turn it into something popular and exciting.

The landscape in the world of sports is always changing, and the same can be said for social media. The ever-evolving world of social media might make branding seem like an arduous task, but social media provides an outlet for instant feedback from those you’re trying to connect with, and you can optimize your brand’s presence to appeal to the largest audience.

So put your hands in the dirt and take a look at the Four-Point Stance of Branding!

1. Identify Values

This is the first step in any successful branding endeavor. What does your brand truly care about? What are your brand’s goals and how will it accomplish them? For Coach Gruden, he identifies hi- basic core value as recognizing the guys in the trenches who don’t get the big endorsement deals or sell as many jerseys, but help their team on the field-where it counts.

2. Be Authentic

There are fewer things people dislike more than some who tries too hard to make a point or who worse yet, is a copycat. Developing an authentic voice will help set your brand apart rather than blend in with your competitors. Gruden’s Grinders is a great example of authenticity because, along with his coaching pedigree which gives him instant credibility, Gruden isn’t picking the flashiest, most name brand player to recognize with his post-game awards. He chooses to focus on an aspect of each game that casual fans might not see, and it adds value to the weekly telecast.

3. Don’t fear being a visionary

What’s wrong with being a pioneer? When it comes to developing your brand, not only is thinking outside the box important, it might be necessary to help position your brand in the manner you want to be successful. Numerous other analysts have ripped Gruden off a bit by patterning their segments like his in order to develop their individual brand.

4. Promote your Passion

Think about your brand, and then think about what you’re most passionate about and then promote that element hard. Passion has a way of translating to customers and in the case of Gruden’s Grinders, his passion for this particular breed of player is evident and makes the segment not only successful, but an integral part of the Monday Night Football experience.

When it comes to branding, a misstep early on can be a fatal blow to the long-term success of any brand. It’s about more than a pretty logo or a catchy name. Branding is about creating a relationship between brand and consumer. Marketing professionals like the digital marketing specialists at GrowthWeaver have the knowledge and experience necessary to take your brand to the next level!