Tell Your Brands Story

How to tell your brand’s story (and get customers to listen!)

Every brand has a story to tell, but how you tell it matters. Some are relatable and fun, like the story of Udi’s (one of our favorite brands here in Denver.) Some, like Microsoft, are a grand, dramatic story told so many times that it’s become public knowledge. So what is the story about your brand? Here are five things that you must consider when crafting your tale.

1. Be authentic

Honesty has value. People can smell a fake from a mile away. If you want to build your brand reputation (and attract new customers and advocates), it’s important that your messaging comes from a genuine and trustworthy voice.

2. Stay relevant

No one cares about the crazy dream you had that inspired you to become a vegan, or how your cat is the most amazing thing in your life… unless that was the inspiration behind your brand (like Ookla). Stick to your story and your platform. For example, telling your story on the website can allow you to incorporate all the important details, but if you’re catering to the Twitterverse, short and sweet (and under 140 characters) will give you the biggest impact.

3. Be the hero

What challenge were you trying to overcome when you started your business? What void did you see in the marketplace? What common business practice made you crazy enough to want to do it different or better? These can be commonalities shared between you and your audience.

4. KISS, or “Keep it simple, stupid”

Part of telling a story that people want to read and relate to is by telling it in a simple, concise way. That doesn’t mean sparing the details, but rather sticking to the tale. Make sure you cover the five W’s: who, what, when, where and why. Oftentimes, that’s all you need.

5. Know your audience

Start by researching your Google Analytics to find out your current audience. Then, use the appropriate “voice” and content to appeal to that audience. For example, if your primary demographic is a middle-aged mother, it’s best not to pepper your story with a flurry of curse words or college slang. Once you know who your audience is, a little research will help you find out what commonalities they share-not enough time in the day, book club membership, a desire to provide healthy meals for their family and the like.

Giving your customers the opportunity to bond with you and your company is more than just a marketing tool. It’s a way to turn strangers into customers and customers into advocates. It’s also a crucial step to building a lasting brand. Not sure how to connect with your potential brand advocates? Contact the experts at GrowthWeaver to discover how!