Linkedin Publishing

Influence Your LinkedIn Network With New Publishing Feature

LinkedIn recently announced that all users will now have the power to publish within the platform, not just the group of industry leaders collectively known as the LinkedIn Influencers. Unlocking this capability allows users to produce long form, blog-style content directly from within the confines of your LinkedIn profile. Now Bill Gates, Conan O’Brien, Richard Branson and other globally- recognized names won’t be the only ones producing original content that pops up in your feed.

This feature, which is being rolled out to users in installments over the coming weeks, will provide each of the more than 277 million users the ability to build their own unique professional branding. This provides the user with the potential to reach larger audiences and curate a professional profile with self-published, original content. Users will see a pencil icon in the share box (alongside the current paperclip for attaching files).

The success of LinkedIn Influencers is undeniable. On average, posts generate more than 31,000 views, 250 likes and 80 comments. It’s been a tremendously viable avenue for Influencers to foster engagement and share their professional expertise with a vast audience. How can you take advantage of this new capability both individually and for your brand/employer?

The first way is to start writing, of course! Brainstorm some ideas about emerging trends in your field, your experience in the industry and other types of content you think your LinkedIn network would engage with. Stick to topics relevant to your career experience and expertise. Don’t use this new platform to promote opinions that could be considered controversial or blasé. Stick to what you know.

For many, the thrill of publishing is shrouded by the fear of the publishing process, but this do-it-yourself approach can alleviate those burdens because you don’t need to submit your work to a lengthy external review process. That isn’t to suggest your content should be all stream-of-consciousness rambling without any editing or proofreading, but the freedom to write in your own voice (as opposed to a more framed, corporate voice) will allow many LinkedIn users the ability to become a genuine Influencer throughout their professional network.

The ability to produce and promote unique content is a feature that has the potential to benefit both employers and employees. However, with its ability to distribute blog-style work on a much larger scale, it could also lead to some issues. One of the most important things to remember for users is that even though the blog was penned by you, it is a reflection of the brand or company you’re publically affiliated with on LinkedIn. Employees at all levels of their career have gotten themselves into hot water for an inappropriate Tweet or Facebook update, but those platforms are not as professionally integrated as LinkedIn. If it’s not something you’d feel comfortable sharing with a co-worker or with your supervisor, it’s probably not worth posting about on LinkedIn.

If you’re new to blogging and aren’t sure where to begin, LinkedIn as provided a very valuable plan, The Blogger’s Meal Plan: 5 Secrets for Well-Balanced Content or, you can always contact an expert like GrowthWeaver to help you with your blog strategy and content! Happy writing!