Social Media Holiday Promotions

Leveraging Social Media to Drive Holiday Sales (No Santa hat required)

Isn’t it true that the holidays sneak up on us every year? Well, given that this is the time of the year that your customers are spending the most money, you simply can’t afford to forget to make the most of it! Studies show us year after year that social media is becoming more impactful with holiday spenders, so it’s critical that you develop a smart, well thought out strategy to increase your ROI this season. And, the time is now.

These are six ways to spice up your social media and drive sales for the holidays:

1. Start now. Seriously. Right now!

Part of having a successful campaign is timing, and frankly, most marketers wait too long. If you don’t have your brilliant plan in place by November 15th, you might just miss out on a boatload (sleigh full?) of potential holiday shoppers.

2. Be a resource.

According to Mashable, 65% of shoppers tap into social media when looking for the perfect gift. Cultivate some creative ways that you can be a resource and provide guidance for those folks who are looking for some direction.

Perhaps you can create gift guides, or ask your fans to rate their favorite products. Whatever you do, highlight a wide range of products or services that you know appeal to the majority your fans.

3. Speaking of fans… listen to what they’re saying!

More than 90% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase, and they are more likely to trust a peer than a marketing message or advertisement.

Keep your eyes and ears open, look for opportunities to engage with your most loyal fans and respond to questions and handle customer service inquiries immediately.

4. Participate in “big” shopping days.

Offering deals and promotions throughout the season is strongly encouraged, but pay special attention to the big shopping days that kick off the season:

  • Black Friday: November 29
  • Small Business Saturday: November 30
  • Cyber Monday: December 2

5. Decorate your social sites for the season!

Being a huge fan of the holidays, this is possibly my favorite part (my name is Holly, after all).

  • Add some holiday cheer to your cover and/or profile photos. It’s a fun and simple way to connect with your audience. It should certainly still reflect your brand—just in a more snowflakes-and-jingle-bells kind of way.
  • Get in the status spirit. People tend to be more social, due to the holly jolly spirit of the holidays, so take advantage of that to get them to engage with you. Social updates with relevant holiday topics are likely to get your fans talking.

    *Side note: Think carefully about the holiday term you use. If you specifically say “Christmas,” you could be alienating a portion of your fan base.
  • Deck your walls. Find, use and create images that are shiny, sparkly and holiday all over. From holiday lights to perfectly tied bows, the season offers some of the most beautiful images of the year. Utilize these photos to increase interaction with your followers.

6. Double your Facebook advertising budget. At least.

During the month of December, competition is high and bids are even higher. In my experience, ads have been twice as expensive during the holidays, so you’ll have to pay double just to get the results you are accustomed to.

The holidays can be the hap-hap-happiest time of the year for your business (and your cash register)-if you do it right. If you need some help developing a strategy or brightening up your own ideas, give GrowthWeaver a call!