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Get Better Results with LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content

Since December 2002, LinkedIn has been trying to perfect its social network for professionals. To date, the business-oriented social platform has developed ten standalone apps for smartphone users in an attempt to determine exactly what its over 300 million users find most valuable on its mobile suite.

But for business owners who have turned to LinkedIn to cultivate leads, perhaps the most valuable new offering is Direct Sponsored Content (DSC), which allows you to serve your brand messages both on LinkedIn and on its series of partner networks.

Basically, what DSC provides is the ability to customize and test content for your brand’s company page without having to have that content appear on your LinkedIn Company Page. The ability to personalize each message for a specific audience is a great way to take your brand’s LinkedIn Advertising to another level.

Simply put, if you post something to your company page, it’s only seen by your followers. By implementing a DSC campaign, advertisers can create content to sponsor on behalf of the company without cluttering the Company or Showcase Page and without first posting a Company Update and can serve that content to a much wider network of LinkedIn users, including people who do not follow your business page.

When members see Direct Sponsored Content in their newsfeed, it appears the same as a traditional Sponsored Update from a company but is not visible on the company page, giving more of a stealth quality to your marketing efforts.

Since launching several DSC campaigns, we have come to expect a lower Cost Per Click (CPC) and a higher Click-Thru Rate (CTR). Traditionally, CPC on LinkedIn has been relatively low for most businesses, but DSC campaigns have cut costs in half for many of our campaigns. What this means is that for those campaigns, we’ve gotten results twice as strong as a regular Sponsored Content campaign while on the same budget.

LinkedIn isn’t a social network where your business needs to be posting salesy, hucksterish content to unengaged (and increasingly annoyed) followers. With Direct Sponsored Content, you don’t even have to wait until someone follows your Company Page to get your content in front of them. And if that content has a point and a strong enough message, you can boost advertising performance in almost any industry and effectively double your results, all while keeping your Company Page clean and absent those sales messages that can turn many customers or followers off.

There’s a lot to know when it comes to digital marketing and as a business owner it can be daunting trying to keep up with it all. Luckily you don’t have to. We’re here to answer any questions you might have about Direct Sponsored Content or any of the other digital marketing avenues your company can explore. Contact us now for a free digital analysis today.