Manage Social Media

Managing Your Social Media Community: Part of A Well-Balanced Diet

Anyone with access to the Internet can start up a social media page. But managing a successful social media presence is what separates a good brand from an unattended brand, ultimately losing investment. With social media becoming the number one method of driving success for business, exercising good social etiquette and managing your social network is crucial.

Handling your community should be an important part of your day—as important as breakfast or dinner. Check your page in the morning, afternoon, and again in the evening, covering actions during nighttime as well as throughout the day. With 23% of Facebook users logging in at least 5 times per day, chances are, there will be fans constantly looking at your page.

The most important aspect of community management is promoting your brand while driving conversations with your posts and engaging your fans. Interact with them, and thank fans that speak highly of their experience with your company. When you receive questions or concerns, address them—do not just delete or ignore them. A quick response improves your online presence and earns respect in the eyes of your consumer. A good rule of thumb is to respond within 24 hours. Think of it this way; when people ask a question, not answering that question is answering the question.

Staying involved with your community is a must. The best investment for your business is a community manager with strong communication skills. While many companies can’t afford to hire a digital marketing expert, the reality is, they can’t afford not to use the services of one. That’s where digital marketing solutions agencies like GrowthWeaver can help. (But keep in mind, your wife’s nephew or college intern probably shouldn’t be trusted with promoting and maintaining your brand, unless they are a seasoned social media expert.)

Social media brings all walks of life together, congregating different personalities, multiple perspectives and endless opinions on one platform. Managing your community requires adaptability and understanding. You have to be able to see the world from your customer’s point of view, and not just assume they think the way you do. This will help you communicate effectively and authentically.

Forty-seven percent of Americans say Facebook is their #1 influence for purchases, so listen to your customers and provide feedback that’s appropriate and builds relationships. Have your customers commented about a rude receptionist? Is there a leaky faucet in the women’s restroom that needs attention? Does John need special recognition for going the extra mile for his customers? Hearing and maintaining connection with your customers lets your community know they matter. Think of your community as an extension of your company and treat it as such, since it is the window to your company’s soul. For a successful social media campaign, make sure you have an active relationship with your community.

If you need help creating, managing and promoting your social media relationships with your customers and clients, be sure to talk to experts like GrowthWeaver.