Statuettes Oscar nominations before the presentation

Patience, Consistency & Capturing the Moment

Earlier this year at the 88th Annual Academy Awards ceremony, there were a lot of storylines leading up to the event. One of the big questions was whether or not Leonardo DiCaprio would finally take home one of the famous gold statuettes for his incredible performance in The Revenant.

In his sixth overall nomination, DiCaprio did indeed finally hear his name called as Best Actor. In his years in the spotlight, the actor has built a filmography that is considered second to none and his consistency over the years has earned him many fans, both within the Academy and in the regular populous.

When you’re creating messages for your digital marketing strategy, take a cue from Leo. Be patient. DiCaprio earned his first nomination back in 1993 at the age of 19. In the more the 20 years since, he earned the trust of paying customers by being consistent and by being really, really good at what he does.

In his acceptance speech, the actor thanked all the usual players—his fellow cast members, director, family—and then he took a few moments to speak on the climate change epidemic. He received a standing ovation for his words, and the online reaction was that Leo expertly grasped the moment in a way not many others could have.

Knowing when to take hold of a moment is also key as it relates to your brand’s social media approach. Social is about engaging your audience, creating a multi-way conversation between multiple entities. It’s not about talking “at” your captive audience, continually promoting your business or products.

Building a strong digital marketing strategy takes a combination of great ideas that complement your strategy and achieves results. If you’re looking to refresh or improve your brands’ digital approach, take a few clues from Leonardo. Do great work, be patient, be consistent and know when to capture the moment. And if you need a hand putting together the right mix, contact the digital marketing experts at GrowthWeaver today for an analysis of your online approach.