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Pay To Play

You’re an established business. You have a Facebook and post regularly. But you aren’t seeing the web traffic or engagement you’d like. Does this-this sound familiar?

For businesses and brands, Facebook is a pay to play platform. Though you may have thousands of followers, only a miniscule portion of them will see your post organically on their newsfeed. Having a page with a big following is nice, but if no one sees your posts, it’s not truly effective.

It may help your organic reach to post great content, links and videos, but you’ll need a little additional help to create true social media results. Each month, your business should be spending a small ad budget help get the word out.

We specialize in helping your brand have a voice. We curate engaging posts, calls-to-action, and strategic ads to boost your reach and engage your audience. If you need help building out a solid digital marketing plan, let us know – we’re here to help!