Company: Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee

The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee in New York provides federal highway safety grant funds to local, state and not-for-profit agencies for projects designed to improve highway safety and reduce deaths and serious injuries due to crashes.

Since 2015, GrowthWeaver has partnered with GTSC to develop their social presence, as well as play a major role in their social advertising.


The main objectives are to create a strong integrated presence using various social media platforms, establish an engaged and informed audience about traffic and safety issues and, ideally, drive traffic to their website.


The GrowthWeaver team developed a cohesive post messaging strategy across several platforms, as well as highly targeted advertising campaigns across each.


The  Facebook posts created by GrowthWeaver performed exceptionally well, with two posts from April achieving a grand total of 172.9K total reach. GrowthWeaver also partnered with news networks throughout the state of New York which helped boost the organic reach of the posts significantly.  Despite a limited budget, with the correct sharing strategy GrowthWeaver was able to reach a greater base of fans with important messages about traffic safety.