Company: Jess Ford

Jess Ford is a Ford Dealership with locations in Pullman and Grand Coulee, Washington. After a sponsorship deal was signed with former NFL quarterback Drew Bledsoe, the owners approached GrowthWeaver about maximizing their sponsorship investment via social media.

The overall goal was to attract new buyers through a Facebook campaign, which featured special offers.


Jess Ford tasked GrowthWeaver with converting and monetizing their social media presence.


GrowthWeaver built and developed a Facebook tab and built content and ad strategies to drive traffic. Since the dealership was already offering a $500 discount on their website, the Facebook offer was set at $700 so that results were trackable.


With precise targeting utilizing Facebook’s robust Automotive Behavior Tool and the star-power of the sponsorship deal with Bledsoe, GrowthWeaver was able to grow the dealerships fan base by more than 300%. Within six months, auto sales resulted directly from social media marketing.


Capitalizing on the sponsorship with Drew and a brand new Facebook ad variation promoting video views, GrowthWeaver was able to promote high quality videos to the target audience at an average cost of $0.57 per view. Can you imagine getting consumers to willingly watch an advertisement? GrowthWeaver can not only imagine it, we can deliver it!