Company: Saylor’s Restaurant and Bar

Saylor’s is located in Sausalito, California, and known for their sophisticated Cabo-inspired cuisine and festive, relaxed atmosphere.

Since February of 2013, GrowthWeaver has delivered trackable results to become Saylor’s all-in-one marketing company, providing Facebook, FourSquare, YouTube, Mobile App, Creative Print Ad Design and email Marketing.


The main objectives were to grow the Facebook fan base, deploy effective ads, and improve analytics across all platforms. These objectives allowed for the Saylor’s brand to gain momentum in the local area and drive customers in, thus increasing their month over month frequency.


The GrowthWeaver team created a targeted and successful strategy utilizing Facebook, FourSquare, YouTube, Mobile Push notifications and email marketing—plus the creation of Saylor’s own mobile app—to build brand awareness and maintain consistent messaging.


During GrowthWeaver’s year-and-a-half partnership with Saylor’s Restaurant and Bar:

  • Facebook Fan base has grown by 342%
  • YouTube channel viewership has increased by 22% in one month
  • Email marketing has generated an open rate of 29% (the restaurant industry average is 19%)
  • GrowthWeaver’s unique Facebook post content has reached more than 948,000 people alone
  • Successful deployment and managed Facebook advertising has generated more than 1,600 new targeted “likes”
  • More than 17,000 fans have actively engaged with the Saylor’s Facebook page
  • GrowthWeaver’s posts have resulted in 2,134 clicks to Saylor’s social media platforms and website (an average of 43 unique clicks per link), delivering trackable ROI