The Social Media Cover Charge

The Social Media Cover Charge

Now entering its adolescent years of development, social media has rapidly evolved into a gold mine for savvy companies across many industries to reach their customers in a new, easily consumable form.

As the movement begins to adjust to its recent growth spurt, there has emerged alongside it a movement to commodify the developing industry. The platforms themselves have started to implement more stringent rules. This includes Facebook’s recent steps to prevent every post from generating any sort of organic reach, and moving to a more “pay-to-play” model.

In converting these networks to a pay-to-play model, they’ve created an economy similar to neighborhood bars and pubs that ask entrants for a cover charge before walking in the door.

The reasoning is simple. We’ve got something special going on inside these doors, and if you want to see it, you’ve gotta pay the cover charge.

Your social media presence is your first impression for a lot of customers in the digital forum. Whether they Googled your company name or searched for it directly on a social network, you want them to find the correct information about you AND entice them to do something after they see it.

If they arrive on your company’s Facebook page and see five posts a day trying to do nothing more than push products or services, they’ll likely be turned off and will never become your customer.

At the same time, if you’re posting five times daily but aren’t promoting anything, it’s a lot like standing in the middle of a desert and shouting. In other words, nobody is going to hear you (and you might even attract some unwanted predators).

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