Social Media for Restaurants

Social Media for Restaurants: 3 Tips to Get Customers Through the Door

Starting a restaurant isn’t easy. You need a great concept, a perfect location and awesome food and drink (not to mention an extraordinary waitstaff). Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. You have to actually get people in the door.

Some of our most exciting clients at GrowthWeaver are restaurants local to Denver. Businesses like The Palm Denver, Illegal Burger and El Señor Sol all entrust us with their digital persona. Why? Because we’re the experts.

Let me lay it out for you. Say you own a restaurant. You’re pulling out all the stops – you do have delicious food and drinks, your waitstaff does know how to treat the customer, online ratings are good, but new customers simply aren’t coming through the door.

That’s where we come in. Using social marketing, we’re able to increase the frequency of existing customers’ purchases and deliver brand new customers to you.

How? Well, we can’t give away all of the secrets to our success, but we’ll at least point you in the right direction with these three tips to get customers through the door:

1. Facebook Ads
Facebook advertising is an effective tool we use to develop an audience for our clients. For example, does your restaurant cater to Denverites ages 21-35 with an interest in craft beer? We can target that specific category. Want to hit the local college market and bring in a young, vibrant customer-base? We’re on it. We’ll invite your ideal target to join your business’s online community so they can see your social media messaging.

2. Offers
Offering discounts and coupons to customers and fans is a great idea, but how do you distribute offers to customers in a cost-effective manner? Enter Facebook Offers. Using this feature, your business can offer a coupon or discount to its digital fanbase and actually track how many people have signed up for the offer. Remember – getting customers in the door is key. You can afford to give away something the customer perceives as valuable if you’re gaining a new patron.

In October alone, we were able to attract more than 200 new customers to offers for The Palm Denver, Illegal Burger and El Señor Sol. That’s a lot of new people coming through the door. Check out some of our delicious (and claim-worthy) offers below:

Restaurant Facebook Offer - El Senor Sol Denver3. Promoted Posts

Let’s say you are hosting a special event and you want your Facebook fans to attend. If you just make a post the event, less than 15% of your fans will even see it. However, if you “promote” your post, you can make sure your messages reaches significantly more fans. Your post can target people by geography, age, interests, behaviors – pretty much any segmentation you can think of.

Let’s see it in action: For the Palm Denver, we designed a promotion offering a free glass of wine to everyone who “checks in” on Facebook. By promoting a post detailing the promotion to wine-lovers living in Denver, we were able to efficiently get the word out, increase offer claims and bring more customers through the door.

Restaurant Facebook Promoted Post - The Palm Denver

What’s the moral of the story? Even if your restaurant has fantastic food, a lucrative location and well-trained waitstaff, we can help you do better. Any business can benefit from a strong social marketing campaign.

Think of it this way: we’d never come to your kitchen and tell you how to cook; maybe it’s time to trust your digital marketing to the experts at GrowthWeaver.
So all this stuff sounds pretty easy, right? Give it a try and if you’re not getting the results you’re looking for, let’s talk.