Marketing Strategy

Talent Versus Tools: What is the Key to Marketing Success?

Having been in social marketing for about seven years and in the advertising marketing business for multiple decades, the changes that have taken place during that time have been immense. Many of the folks I started with have gone on to other things… leaving the marketing arena. That’s not hard to understand. So much change and the consequential adaptation that is required to stay at the top of the field is simply too much for many.

One thing that has remained true throughout the years is that great marketing requires great people. If you want to engage someone to help you drive leads, increase sales or accomplish some other business result, you’ll do best when you engage someone who is extremely talented. I have found that talent trumps technology any day.

There are lots of platforms out there that claim to be the answer. At GrowthWeaver, we use several of them and they really do amazing stuff compared to what we could do just a decade ago. That said, great people using great technology is the secret. Too many technology companies peddle their wares as the answer. If you think about it it, most of it just creates a new set of problems for you. You have to have the right people or partners to get the results.

Here’s another reason why great talent is so important: even the best tools change. No matter what social media tool becomes the next “darling,” whatever it is, it won’t remain stagnant. Tools evolve and change–sometimes monthly. That’s why it’s important to work with social media experts that continuously stay on top of new rules, opportunities and changes to Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other platforms. It takes a huge commitment in people-power to stay on top of these. But the real pros in the business take the time to do that. I know we do, so our clients don’t have to waste a moment of energy worrying about it.

I suggest you always think people first, and you will be on the path to success.

Steven Weaver, CEO & Founder