The McConaissance & Social Media

When Matthew McConaughey was named Best Actor at the 2014 Academy Awards Ceremony, he took the stage and gave a memorably charming and enigmatic speech in which he seemed to break down his success and what keeps his fire stoked into three categories: that he needs something to look up to, something to look forward to and something to chase.

In social media, and the corresponding constancy of online communication as a whole, it’s hard to underestimate the importance of having goals and a sound strategy in place. For many small and medium-sized businesses, social media might still seem like the elephant in the room; the thing you know you should talk about but you don’t know where to begin the conversation. Using McConaughey’s “Three Something’s”, take a look at your brand’s social approach through a new lens.

Something to Look Up To

If you’ve got a Facebook page, an optimized Google+ listing and you make an attempt to listen and engage with your customers online, adhering to this advice should be easy. On the platforms your brand utilizes, research some pages you follow on your personal social media accounts. Carefully examine why you follow those pages. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Do you like the high quality imagery? Does an exclusive Facebook offer entice you? Do you like how they engage with fans? No matter which brands you admire, this will help you understand what works for you— and what you should be trying to get from your own company’s network of pages.

Something to Look Forward To

As in most things pertaining to your business, having goals is of immense importance to your overall social media presence. Whether it’s reaching a milestone of Page Likes or producing content your customers engage with at a certain rate, knowing your brand’s endgame on social media platforms is essential in determining their success or failure. Ideally, you’ll never look at your social media as a finished product—it’s always a work-in-progress that can be further optimized to grow your business. Which leads us to McConaughey’s final something.

Something to Chase

The final point the acclaimed actor hit in his speech was that he needs something to chase, and your brand’s social media presence should also be chasing something new. Social media is not the place for stagnancy and a stale approach. It should relate back to tangible ROI. But don’t worry—if you haven’t been able to gain actual ROI from your social media efforts the experts at GrowthWeaver can help. We can build a holistic strategy that including 24/7/365 community management, unique content creation on a regular basis, and a strategy to drive ROI. Contact us today and let’s talk about the best social networks for your business.