Social Media Stockings

The Season of Sharing

T’was the season of being social and we don’t just mean “Season’s Greetings”
As you wake up each morning and check your email and meetings
And flag the latest deals and mark them all as read–
You can catch up on the world’s news without ever leaving bed!

And Buzzfeed just posted yet another silly quiz
About what drink you should be, or in what city you should live
And the gift guides and online sales come across your screen
Reminding you that time is running out to get the gift of your dreams

When out from your iPhone there arose such a clatter
A new Facebook notification? Now, nothing else matters!
Away to your lock screen, your fingers swipe like a flash
Type in your passcode, and open the app

There’s no joy quite like the click that lies ahead
A little white number surrounded in red
When, what may appear on the updated newsfeed?
Oh, only the hundredth “like” on your holiday selfie!

With a couple emojis that really say it best
That thanks to your fans, you are truly #blessed
More rapid than Wi-Fi, your posting is shared
To your entire social network, and anyone who cares

On Snapchat, on Facebook, on Vine and YouTube
On Tumblr, on Twitter, on Instagram too!
Now sit back, refresh and watch your screen start to glow
As your retweets, favorites and followers grow!

Yet you find yourself pondering a time less complicated
When social media wasn’t around, and hashtags weren’t created
And print was king, and there was no photo filters for your flaws
And Virginia wrote to the Sun, to find out if there was a Santa Clause

And you didn’t have to constantly see countless engagements,
And pictures of babies and edible arrangements
And random holiday cards arrived on your doormat
Instead of distant cousins now wanting to chat

And just when you think you’re finally through
That’s it, you’re done! No more for you!
You think of people you haven’t seen in a while
And the Instagram picture that made you smile

The lights, they twinkled! Their cheeks like cherries!
Your best friend on one knee, asking his girl to get married.
Memories and conversations you get to experience from afar
That you don’t have to be present, to see how happy they are!

And someone on Pinterest shared a cookie recipe
That you’ll make this year to put by the tree
And the viral stories about the good of mankind
Are a hopeful reminder during your daily grind

Where your dream job lies at the click of a mouse
You can learn how to cook while never leaving your house!
And strangers become friends, and make you feel less alone
Where the conversation never ends, and it’s all on your phone

Where we spotlight hunger, and poverty and crime and war
So we can donate our good tidings to those who need it more.
And we can watch our children grow up before our eyes
Empathize with their lows and celebrate their highs

And you spring to your mobile, your message is clear!
140 characters about a more social frontier…
“The world, in person, can be selfish and mean–
Let’s share more this season, even if just on a screen. “