Top 10 Apps to Help Make Your Life A Little Easier

67 Minutes. That is the average daily amount of time a single individual spends consuming media on their smartphones, according to a Nielsen study in Q4 of 2013. If you’re shaking your head right now saying, “No way,” think again. I, too, took a moment to try and calculate my usage, but, who am I kidding? My app addiction definitely places me in a high stratosphere among users.. But don’t look at that number as a waste of time—start using it to your advantage. Here is a list of apps I find help me in a variety ways:

1. MyFitnessPal: Fitness and calorie counting made easy. With this app you can track your daily calorie intake and workouts. Have a weight loss goal? It will track your progress and keep you accountable for your daily actions.

2. OpenTable: Making a reservation for your favorite restaurant can happen at the click of a button. A great feature about this app is this: if the time you want isn’t available, it provides open time slots for you to choose from. No need to wait 45+ min. for a table anymore!

3. Jelly: Have a question? Jelly has an answer. It’s a service that allows you to ask a question with images, maps and locations to help deepen the context of your question.

4. Gas Buddy: I think we’ve all experienced that bitter moment that happens when you just fueled up and the next gas station you drive by has cheaper gas. Well, there’s an app for that! Gas Buddy helps you find the cheapest gas based on your location.

5. Uber: This taxi service allows you to book a taxi, private car or rideshare and pay for it right from your phone. Don’t waste time finding your current address either. The app lets the taxi drivers know exactly where you are.

6. Waze: A community-based traffic navigation system that shares real-time traffic happenings. Enter in your most frequented routes to make sure you can find the easiest and quickest route to your destination.

7. Flipboard: Most people may already be familiar with this app, but it’s a newsfeed customizable to you. Only want to keep posted on current events, sports and celebrity gossip? Done!

8. SpotHero: The frustration of finding a parking spot in the city is over! With this app, you can find vacant parking spots near where you want to go and pre-pay. Absolutely amazing, right?!

9. Sound Hound: Think back. I’m sure there’s been a time when a song comes on that you love, but you don’t know the title or the band. Next time that happens, open up Sound Hound, click the button and it will identify the artist, song and provide lyrics. I can already see your playlist growing.

10. AroundMe: Looking for a new restaurant or want to meet friends, but don’t really want to travel? AroundMe finds all the necessities in proximity to where you are. Restaurants, ATMs, bars… making a decision on where to go just got a lot easier.

The great thing about all these apps, they’re free! Time to start downloading. Enjoy!