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#TransformationTuesday #Marketing

Remember when advertisements were limited to black and white print ads, flyers and postcards in the mail? Or when you’d be driving down the highway and catch a glimpse of an obnoxious billboard and think to yourself, “wait, what was that phone number?” Newspapers were the go-to for retail deals and supermarkets would advertise their weekly specials. Life was a little bit slower back then.

Fast-forward to the digital age and people are no longer confined to those traditional mediums for information. Marketers now have more ways than ever to reach their customer, and the available tools have transformed marketing.

The robust features these tools provide have taken the guesswork out of marketing and replaced it with proven and trackable data. The benefits to digital media as part of your marketing strategy are endless. Our top three favorite reasons for implementing digital marketing into your strategy:

1. Targeting the right audience is essential, and now we have the ability to reach even the most specific customer.

Sure, demographics were around way back when. Age and income range could be assumed based on geographic location, and more in-depth information could be taken from census data. But, with only a few clicks of the mouse, marketers have the ability to segment an audience based on interests, job titles, and even if they are in the area for a lunch special. We can now determine exactly who your business’s audience is and target them with content that is relevant to their interests, in ways we were never able to before!

2. A/B Testing is another useful tool in a marketer’s toolbox.

A/B testing is when marketers make two versions of a landing page, email or advertisement, highlighting the same promotion, but varying the content or layout in some way. They can then serve these to the target audience and test them against each other to find out what exactly makes a consumer tick. Never before could we test ads against each other in the same market to improve the overall customer experience.

3. You’ve got targeting in place and you’ve implemented testing – so how did you do?

The enhanced analytics tools available now can give details on what offers and promotions drive the most traffic. We can determine the number of clicks and actions taken on a particular add and we can find out exactly how many eyes saw it. That means no more guesswork or estimations! This is so important for return on investment.

Don’t know how to do any of this stuff? That’s okay – we’re here to help! As a small business-owner, you may be overwhelmed with the day-to-day of running your business. We get that. If you’re looking for a fully-managed social marketing strategy or maybe just coaching on the practices, contact us today!