Facebook Marketing

True or False: Facebook marketing is the smartest thing since…

You’ve seen the headlines and the articles stating that Facebook marketing isn’t effective, doesn’t work and is just a figment of some 20-something social marketer’s imagination.  And you’ve seen the articles that say it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.  So which is true?  Who do you believe?

The truth is, Facebook is among the most effective ways for B2Bs and B2Cs to grow their businesses. Whether it’s the seminal research by Hubspot and eMarketer found easily on the web or the testimonials from businesses who are doing it right, the evidence is clear:  Facebook marketing really works well and delivers an attractive ROI.

Our company manages hundreds of Facebook pages for all kinds of businesses and for the most part, they are all very satisfied with the ROI they are receiving.  So why all the teeth gnashing about whether Facebook marketing works or not?

It’s really pretty simple.  Like anything else in life or business, something done well usually produces results and something done poorly results in little to nothing.

There are many companies and individuals who profess to be social media marketing experts or to possess the right social media software to deliver magical results.  Sadly, many of them have little or nothing to offer.  Marketing has always been, for the most part, about smart people figuring out better ways to connect to the right consumer.  Social media doesn’t change that.

What social marketing DOES do is make it more important than ever to have the right marketers working with you to make these new tools work.  They over-perform when managed well and underperform when they are not.

In our upcoming blogs, we will try to shine a light on many of the things that you, as a business owner or marketer, should be thinking about when deciding how to approach your social media marketing.

In the end, it is perhaps most important to understand that, like any other marketing, it’s more about the process of finding the right solution to achieve your goals and less about buying someone’s bright and shiny promise.  Be thoughtful.  Kick a lot of tires.  And ask for client referrals.  They tend to tell the most accurate story.  I know ours do.