U2 Band Photo

Don’t Be U2: Why Your Brand Isn’t For Everyone

So you want your brand to be noticed, right?

You’ve got a great product/service. You’ve got a stellar reputation. You’ve got a killer logo, a sweet tagline and, gosh darnit, people just like you!

Or at least, you WANT them to like you. You want EVERYONE to like you, because your brand is awesome. What’s not to like?

So you start advertising to everyone. And we mean everyone. You advertise to the whole wide world. To every boy, girl, man, woman– you all get to like my brand! All of you! You’re getting an ad! You’re getting an ad! Everyone’s getting ads! Isn’t marketing fun?

Well, that’s what U2 thought, when they sent an ad to everyone with an Apple ID and it automatically uploaded their new album automatically to their iPhone.

Everyone was NOT happy.

Lesson learned? Just because you think your brand is great doesn’t mean it’s going to appeal to everyone.

A far more effective approach (and one that won’t disenfranchise any potential customers) is friend-targeted marketing.

It starts with your actual friends and fans, who are already loyal to you. They are downright click-happy when they see your brand sail across their newsfeed. They represent your target market, and it’s important to understand that demographic. By targeting them and their friends through strategic marketing, you can get extraordinary results. They’ll want to buy your product or service. Then they will tell their friends, which makes them brand ambassadors! When you’re looking for low hanging fruit, it doesn’t get any better than this.

So don’t be U2. Don’t assume the whole world wants your music, and don’t be in the negative spotlight with a failed ad campaign. Your loyal fans are out there. There are amazing ways to connect with them. And if you want to find out more, contact the experts at Growthweaver. We’ll help you get tangible results from social media spending.