Twitter photo collage

Visualize Your Brand

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, but that number might be upped to 4,000. Twitter users are now able to post up to four photos via a photo collage capability and tag up to 10 people in one tweet. The release of Twitter’s new photo collage abilities in early April reinforces the power of visuals in social media and branding.

We have learned that tweets that include a visual element usually earn twice as much engagement than tweets without an image. We also know that tweets with less than 100 characters—far less than the 140 characters allotted—receive 17% more engagement. This only reinforces and speaks to the fact that consumers are not only drawn in and engaged by visuals, but enjoy consuming them more than text. Twitter originally began as a text-based social media platform. The fact that Twitter is now giving users the capability to post multiple images marks a big change on the platform and how digital marketing will be progressing.

Businesses are now using Twitter to tell a story, introduce multiple new products or just show off the fun, creative side of their brand. Meow Mix (shown below) was an early adopter of the four-image collage. They used it to tell a story of a new contest they were promoting on the page.

Brands and businesses now have the opportunity to be more creative with their Twitter content. This change on Twitter ups the ante and creates even more competition for businesses to stand out to consumers in the digital marketing realm. Do your tweets stand out above the rest? Not sure? Then contact GrowthWeaver to learn more about the multiplatform solutions we offer that can grow your brand or business!