Facebook Redesign

What Facebook’s Makeover Means for Your Business

Seems like only yesterday that Facebook announced the original move to Timeline and, kicking and screaming, millions of users were forced to oblige whether they liked it or not. Since 2011 we’ve settled nicely into our Timelines. We’ve added a few milestones and learned to navigate our Newsfeeds like pros—but don’t get too comfortable just yet.

Facebook is preparing to give their Newsfeed and Timeline a serious makeover. Earlier this month they announced a new layout that will be slowly rolled out to users over a matter of months. These changes are an attempt to hold the ever-shortening attention spans of a young and fickle user base with a cleaner, more visual interface that places more value on content. Businesses in turn need to be responsive-not only to get acquainted with the new layout, but master it to continue to deliver value to their fans and customers. Here are a few tips on what you can do to maximize your impact:

Think Visual!

With larger images and less clutter, having a constant stream of high quality photos is a must. Posts with images perform better than posts with plain text, so hire a good photographer, invest in a camera or snag a couple of stock images to grab the attention of your audience. Rich, visually engaging content will act as a magnet, pulling the attention of your fans away from others trying to make a statement.

Get with the Graph

The integration of Graph Search into the new and improved layout will make new features like Following and Nearby more important than ever. The main takeaway here is that your profile photo (and now your cover photo) will be everywhere your brand appears on Facebook. Moral of the story? Change up the image that appears with your logo every once in a while to optimize your heading and brand image.

Don’t Panic

Most importantly, don’t sweat it. Platforms like Facebook are changing and responding constantly and the changes will only improve the user experience for everyone. It’s not the end of the world, it’s actually a better, more vibrant interface that we’ll all come to appreciate. Now, buckle down and get to work creating some great content!