Let’s Be Friends

Do you remember the days of AOL and instant messaging? That might date us a bit, but that was our youth’s version of being “social.” The digital world is changing (at what seems like supersonic speed). Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Youtube… you can share anything and start a conversation with a complete stranger in minutes, even seconds. While we think most of us have a grasp on how to navigate these platforms for personal use (well, most of us. You know know those people that love to over share life stories or take constant selfies…  yeah, they still have some learning to do!). It’s now more important than ever for business to have a social presence. What does that mean exactly? How do you market your brand “socially?”

To us, being social is about sharing interesting content that others want to engage with. So how do you take that and make it profitable? That’s where social media marketing comes in. As a company, you are concerned with your bottom line. Do I need an individual or team to manage these platforms? Will this help sell my service or product? What do I really get out of this? When looking at the big picture, not spending time branding yourself on these platforms makes a big difference. The upcoming generations are all about finding information digitally. Who picks up a phone to call a store and ask for their hours anymore? Businesses have so many opportunities to market themselves on these platforms. Ad campaigns, videos, images… seriously, the opportunities are endless. DISCLAIMER! Just because you are able to sell your product/service on these platforms doesn’t mean that should be your whole strategy. Essentially, that just becomes spam, not social media marketing.

A funny post, question or really great article are all good things to share. Social platforms are for talking with your audience, not at them. Think of it as building a real friendship. Do you continually want to hang out with the person who is always a debbie downer and has nothing to contribute? (I really hope your answer is no!) Well, although every post or picture may not directly result in a sale, it is building your brand identity. We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve seen a dish on Instagram and have been like, “I must eat that, now!” We tag our friends, put it on our must go-to list. In that moment, we become brand ambassadors for that restaurant and we hadn’t even been to. You can’t track always track that ROI, but the return is there.

Building your brand on these platforms won’t happen overnight. Just like most things, it needs time and some TLC. Just remember, there are professionals out there that can help (like us!). If you want to go at it alone, just remember, being social is key!